Hair Makeup Skin by Brian B.


Brian B is the Creator of his Own Hairstyles and Makeup looks .  As a child, Brian B was constantly experimenting with cosmetics and Hair.His mother and sister frequently served as models for perfecting his Hairstyling and makeup-applying techniques. Brian was on a mission: to offer services based on "comfort level." He believes that... one's happiness is influenced by the comfort of their surroundings. 

After attending The Art Institute of Philadelphia  and Roman Academy of Beauty focusing on Art and Costume History and Cosmetology, Brian excelled in Lifetime television for women where he worked as a stylist. Taking a short break from Lifetime, he freelanced for Bobbi Brown, MAC, Lancôme and Christian Dior. The quality and vision of his work quickly landed him an opportunity he could not resist—the position of Color Director for Lancôme Northeast. 

Embracing the challenge, Brian B enjoyed working with different women, engaging them in a fresh beauty experience and leaving them with a long-lasting smile. Impressed by the remarkable feedback from loyal clients, Lancôme's executives quickly moved him to the West Coast. Once again, Brian's expertise proved to be a phenomenon among women, drawing impressive crowds during Lancôme's events. His advice and beauty secrets attracted all women. 

His persistent research of the industry and competitors keeps him sharp and knowledgeable. Couple that with an easy-going personality and clients find Brian to treat them with a personal touch.